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Donít miss the 2013 Lowerender Peran Festival!

Hotels by the sea are renowned for being a haven for visitors and residents alike, but another keen interest of visitors and tourists has to be the arts. Lowender Peran, the Festival of the Celts in Cornish, provides audiences with an annual five day event celebrating the distinctive heritage of Cornwall's traditional music, songs, storytelling, dance and the countyís links to Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, as the Isle of Man. A fun-packed family friendly event, full of concerts, workshops for both music and dance, all in and around Perranporth.

Lowender Peran is a registered charity which has been set up to encourage recognition of Cornwall`s heritage and Celtic links. The charity aims to increase the knowledge of the heritage as a vibrant, living tradition that people of all ages and backgrounds can participate in and enjoy. The festival program includes bands and solo acts from across the Celtic nations who will perform live, and will feature dance demonstrations and tuition, as well as workshops in Celtic music and a good singing along or two.

Added to the already fun-filled festival will be the opportunity for people attending to take part in the festival itself through Celtic dancing, listen to acoustic folk song sessions and attending some Cornish language classes. Fancy trying a Cornish language karaoke? Well, thereís one of those too! Listen to some traditional local storytelling, or join in the afternoon cabaret and family dance as part of an event that is not to be missed for all you art lovers out there!

Lasting for around 10 weeks and starting in September, is usually when you will find cider makers harvesting their crop of apples.
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