Artist Ted Staurton at Camelot Castle Hotel
Artist Ted Staurton at Camelot Castle Hotel
Artist Ted Staurton at Camelot Castle Hotel
Artist Ted Staurton at Camelot Castle Hotel

View the work of "One of Britain's Greatest Living Artists"

If the pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture paints a thousand words: What would happen if a painter uses his brush to communicate images of hope and inspiration? That was the question that one rising British artist asked himself while taking in the extraordinary beauty of a sea landscape one afternoon a few years ago.

The Stourton collection at Camelot is one of the largest, most beautiful, varied and numerous collections of an artists work anywhere in the world.

In the last fourteen months alone, over nineteen hundred and fifty original works and paintings by Stourton have found their way into collectors hands across all parts of the world and demand for his work is growing exponentially.

Currently, a permanent exhibition of nearly 1000 original paintings by Stourton can be seen at Camelot Castle where the artist currently has his studios and works.

A small sample of his work can be seen on Artist Gallery.

Visitors to Camelot have remarked on the extraordinary effects that his work is having on them.

Artists, from around the world, are currently making their way to Camelot to meet Stourton, to share their ideas, and to tap into the extraordinary creative inspiration that is being generated there.

Camelot by way of...

Listern to an extract from the "Camelot by way of..." album by Ted Stourton.
Silver Moon

Listern to an extract from the "Silver Moon" album by Ted Stourton.

Ted Stourton

Read the Ted Stourton review in the Westminster Independent.

Ted Stourton Artist is King of all he surveys in castle 
Ted Stourton

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