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Camelford carnival set to wow the masses this weekend

Taking an autumn visit to soak up some of the serene setting that the Cornish landscape offers? Then you would be mad to miss out on this year’s Camelford Carnival taking place this Saturday evening. The carnival starts at 7pm, packed full of colourful floats and attractions for the crowd to revel in, not forgetting music from the bands, and of course the carnival queen will be in attendance!

You may think that having a carnival in the autumn/winter season is a bit peculiar, but this is a tradition in Camelford.

Marney Baker, the carnival’s secretary said that the feasibilities of holding such an event had previously dictated when the carnival could be held. "The carnival has always been for the people of Camelford, and was held after our farmers had finished all their harvesting, so that they would be available with their tractors to pull the floats.

"One of the highlights used to be the torchlight procession through the town, but because of health and safety, we are not allowed to do that anymore. "Not so long ago we used to have the carnival in November, but a few years ago we decided to hold it in October.” We are all ready for a great carnival on Saturday, with plenty of entries."

The 2013 carnival queen title has been given to Olivia Ferguson, 11, and her attendants, Lucy, 6, and Holly, 4, from Delabole. Lucy and Holly happen to be Olivia’s cousins, making it a proper family affair!

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