Your Stay at Camelot Castle Take a look......



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"Video Conferencing at Camelot Castle Hotel"
Now you can hold your company meetings at Camelot and video conference to world wide locations
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"LEARN TO" at Camelot Castle.
Learn to Fly, Horse ride, Surf, Water ski, Golf and Paint....while you enjoy a stay at the hotel
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Stay in Camelot's 4 poster bed for that special occassion
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"History in the Making"   It is already being called the 8th wonder of the world
Visit the Eden Project

Kate Winslet moves in with ghost of Tintagel
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"A new maze at Camelot"   Come and plant a flower or shrub in this new creation
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Ask to stay in one of Camelot Castle Hotel's famous rooms   
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Tintagel is one of the few unspoiled historical places of England...
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3 Day Special Break


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