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Vintage crop announced for Cornish farmer

One of Cornwall's finest attractions are the Cornish ciders! Now a longest-standing cider producer has professed a vintage crop as it begins its apple harvest.

Due to a perfect combination of a sun-filled summer along with a damp September, meant that an ideal apple-growing condition was created at Healey's Cornish Cyder Farm, near Truro occurred.

The Healeys currently have 20 acres of orchards and more than 3,000 apple trees, all located on their family farm at Penhallow.

Lasting for around 10 weeks and starting in September, is usually when you will find cider makers harvesting their crop of apples.

Operations director Sam Healey said: "This year's crop is all about quality. While our orchards are producing an above-average yield, it is the taste we are particularly impressed with this year.

"Our apples have reddened nicely as a result of the summer sunshine, followed by a wetter September, which has seen the crop swell."

Healey's is famed for award-winning products. Those that know their cider will know all about the renowned Rattler Cyder range, which includes Original, 4%, Pear, Berry and Mulled. The Healey’s farm is a very popular destination, attracting an estimated 400,000 people to come and visit every year.

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