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Return of the Cornwall Bear Fair

Sunday 24th November will see the welcome return of Cornwall’s Christmas Bear Fair. If you’re paying a visit to the region for a festive stay in Cornish accommodation and you want to get yourself a lovely Christmas present for someone, or maybe treat yourself, then he’s the place to do it.

This year will be the fifth year the Bear Fair has been running in Lostwithel, which is jointly run and organised by our very own Tintagel’s, Urchins Bear Shop.

Hold on to your hats because this year sees as many as 50 stands with hundreds of teddy bears of both old and antique, as well as new artist and designer handcrafted teddies. There’s already a number of top national, international and local bear artists confirmed to be showcasing their bears, with many from Cornwall & Devon. Tricia of “Teddies of Trenode” and her large selection of ‘oldies’ will be available to choose from, as well as giving valuations for any ‘old-timers’ that are brought in. BSB Bear Supplies, based in Plymouth, and Bear Basics from Wincanton will be presenting widespread ranges of bear making kits, materials, patterns, accessories, and practical advice too. Apple Pie House from Gloucester, URCHINS Bears and Kingswear Bears will all have a fantastic range of distinguished international trademark bears and friends for people to get hold of as well.

Dr. Cassy of “The Teddybear Hospital” will be on hand to give restoration and other such touch up’s for the tattered and torn.

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