Camelot Castle Hotel Cornwall Hotels
Camelot Castle Hotel provides hotel accommodation in Cornwall
Hotel accommodation in Cornwall
Camelot Castle Hotel provides hotel accommodation in Cornwall

Cornwall Hotels; The Beauty Of The County

Cornwall Hotel: Camelot Castle

The West Country of England brings you Cornwall, each year we welcome up to 4.5 million tourists; a vast amount of which make the choice to stay in our wonderful Cornwall Hotels. There are a number of reasons why people who visit choose to stay with us, perhaps itís the history of Cornwall that actually used to be its own country!

It may also be the classic Cornish coastline that is the host to 300 glorious sandy beaches, being the longest in Britain at a great 697km. These are just a couple of many reasons why people visit us and take a break in our Cornwall Hotels during their stay. We are a place of sheer fascination that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Observe infinite surroundings, indulge in the antiquity, splendour and variety of the West Country. The rich beauty of our county leads people here over and over again.

Cornwall continually sees many returning to revitalise their childhood holidays or sample the magic for the first time while staying in the Cornwall Hotels we have to accommodate our guests. Thereís no fear of boredom, discover secret coves, sweeping bays and spectacular moorland, as well as the intense cliff tops and small villages and market towns, ideal for fishing and more in the remarkable region of Cornwall. Our Cornwall Hotel overlooks the striking sea views, Camelot Castle offers all a guest could want for a memorable stay, located in the charming village of Tintagel.

If you are in search of an activity packed break away, surfing, cycling and other extreme on land or water sports should definitely be on your agenda, Cornwall is a hot spot for bustle as well as easing and chilling out back at the Cornwall Hotel. You may well find your appetite rising with all this exploring, which provides the perfect opportunity to grab a famous Cornish pasty and a sweet cream tea in the tranquil setting that Cornwall hotels convey. Enjoy striking skies and immense sea while calming by yourself or with your nearest and dearest -Wonderful!

As well as all previously mentioned, Art is also a big part of our Cornwall culture. Cornwall is presently booming as a much-loved location for keen artists to visit given our outstanding backdrops and scenic sights. There are also a number of fantastic Art galleries with displays just waiting to be appreciated by our visitors and guests.

Here in Cornwall, we have something for everyone. For a memorable and traditional English holiday, get in touch with us for more information regarding staying in our Cornwall Hotel, we would be delighted to speak with you.