Local Community Outreach Programs at Camelot Castle Bed and breakfast
Local Community Outreach Programs at Camelot Castle Bed and breakfast
Local Community Outreach Programs at Camelot Castle Bed and breakfast
The History of Camelot Castle Bed and breakfast

Camelot Castle Local Community Outreach Programs

Camelot Castle is active in helping our local and international community of friends.

Our Camelot Castle Newsletter is read every week by well over 90,000 opinion formers worldwide.  

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You may find that some of the knowledge that we have and send out each week is most valuable to you and to your family.

We were most fortunate and incredibly lucky to have been among the first people in the world to have been fully briefed on the scientific breakthroughs of L Ron Hubbard.  You too may have heard that many well known Artists and Celebrities are also Scientologists and that they also utilise the discoveries that L Ron Hubbard made.

We heard that too, in 1991, while living in Hollywood, and did the logical and rational thing.  

Rather than listen to others, or to gossip, or read what uninformed contributors to the internet or the newspapers write on the subject, we went directly to the source of it.  

We visited the L Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition in Hollywood and simply asked the question, "What is Scientology and why are artists and celebrities and people from all walks of life in ever increasing numbers interested in it?"

We were welcomed very warmly, and met with kindness and with wisdom and we were fully briefed on the subject and had all our questions fully answered.

As a result of doing that we found out what L. Ron Hubbard had discovered and we are delighted today to extend that same invitation to you.

www.lronhubbard.com and www.scientology.com is the best way to get an initial understanding of this.   

Our Warmest Wishes

John, Irina and Ted

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