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When John Mappin and his partner Ted Stourton announced the acquisition and re-opening of Camelot Castle Hotel at Tintagel Cornwall. The ancient mythology of Britain and its value has come sharply into focus.
Apart from the fact that the "Camelot Castle Hotel" will Impact the whole tourist industry of Cornwall and indeed the British Isles. It has also caused some to realise the true value and inspirational qualities of the ancient Mythology that lies so close to the hearts of people not just in Britain but all over the world.

This mythology and these stories may in-fact be one of Britain's greatest unrealised assets.

"Mythology happens to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs that there is." stated Mr. Mappin "The stories that surround Camelot are a national assett. Because of our unique physical location and the Internet we will be able to deliver a fantasy and experience not only in the mind but in the physical universe."

"Camelot Castle and will become a "Gateway" or "Portal" to the Arthurian universe and into the broader universe of Britain's Mythology."

"This project will enhance the beauty and appreciation of these islands. The Mythology of Britain has already inspired thousands of artists and it is our hope that thousands more will become inspired."

"I believe that this is good news for every one who enjoys mythology or a good story and very good news for Britain."

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