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In a merger that heralds a fresh and exciting evolution in the Music Business and Pop Industry. Camelot Castle has taken an interest and entered into a strategic partnership with Tin Pan Alley studios, Denmark Street, London.

The studios, where Hendrix, The Who, The Kinks, The Sex Pistols and George Michael have played and recorded are situated at the heart of Soho and the music community in London.

Camelot Castle, a haven for artists from around the world which has become a catalyzing inspiration for musicians, confirmed the deal this week. Now, many of those musicians will be recorded and produced at Tin Pan Alley studio’s in London.

The venture which will include the establishment of an artist management company to be run from Camelot Castle and Soho by John Mappin dovetails and will augment the existing programs at Camelot and his London Newspaper group.

“The music business today is very exiting and is a reflection of the extraordinary talent of British and international musicians. However, very often, new artists are not given the chance that they might deserve.” Said Mr Mappin.

“At Camelot, because of the extraordinary creativity of the people that come here we have the opportunity to see and get to know some extremely talented artists and we are glad that we are now in a position to produce some of these new artists and exiting talent and can provide them with the very best facilities.”

“Nothing gives us more pleasure than to help artists and to see them flourish. This project will give us a fantastic opportunity to do so. Tin Pan Alley Studios is an extraordinary facility which boasts some of the most skilled technicians in the business. Our primary focus is contemporary pop.”

“Pop songs are the folk music and mythology of today it is absolutely right that we should place the resources of Camelot behind positive efforts to create in this area.”

“Pop Music reaches parts of, and can help, the society in a way that no other communication can. Let’s face it Lennon’s songs arguably did a lot more to stop the war in Vietnam than any politician ever did. The melodies and lyrics that are produced today will form the blueprint and thoughts for future generations.”

“Musicians create modern history.”

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