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Actress EMILY LLOYD, Ex-World Middleweight Boxing Champion CHRIS EUBANKS and International Supermodel CHRISTINA ESTRADA will be reading stories to local children at CAMELOT CASTLE Tintagel, Cornwall this Saturday at 3.00pm. This weekend JOHN MAPPIN and TED STOURTON the new owners of Camelot Castle are hosting:


This to be the first event in what will become an ongoing program at Camelot to encourage and inspire a love of reading and literacy by focusing on the value of British Mythology and storytelling.

"One of the most wonderful things that happened to me in my childhood was that my mother taught me to read. She used to read me stories that would interest me and that she thought I would enjoy. She felt that if I knew how to read I would never become bored. I haven't been bored yet!"

"Mythology and storytelling was how people understood life before the existence of the written word and literature. For this reason it strikes a beautiful chord deep within many people. The characters within mythology are very powerful. Character drives a story forward. The stories of British Mythology and the characters therein are loved by people of all ages all over the world."

"The whole idea is to introduce children to the stories that they enjoy the most and that make them happy. The better the story and the better that it is told, the more a child may become interested in stories and literature. This catalyses his or her own desire to read and increase their own reading ability."

""Storytelling" is a valuable art and Camelot Castle is a unique and wonderful location to host and begin this program."

"Mythology inspires the imagination. Imagination unlocks the creative potential of a child."

Said Mr John Mappin

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