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John Mappin and Ted Stourton announced the acquisition of The Camelot Castle Hotel a sixty five bedroom castle at Tintagel Cornwall, and the simultaneous launch of CAMELOTCASTLE.COM which has been predicted by some to become one of the central global e-commerce centres on the net, discussions have begun in Hollywood with two Major US Film studios who's animators are proposing the design of a state of the art e-commerce sight to be fully integrated.
The Castle Hotel which sits, above the ancient and historic site of Tintagel the Birthplace of King Arthur looking out over the Atlantic commands one of the most impressive positions and views in England. It is possibly one of the most artistically inspiring locations in the world. The Castle is hosting several International art exhibitions over the next two years. Artists from all over the world are contributing to its refurbishment and redecoration.

But possibly more interestingly in these heady days of Internet and e-commerce .com excitement on wall street owns a unique mental position in the hearts and minds of children and adults all over the world.

As Mr. Mappin stated "Camelot Castle has always been a centre of communication it was a place, where people came to share positive ideas. There is a natural affinity between many people and these stories and thus people naturally are drawn to it. is being developed as a unique entertainment and trading location on the Internet for children and adults."

"Camelot in Arthurian days could be said to have represented "the best of then". We will trade in "the best of now"."

The amount of interest is growing daily and exponentially from all over the world.

"The stories of Camelot are probably some of the best loved it is great to have such a wonderful and unique opportunity for people to experience them."

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