Problems of Work Letter Camelot Castle Bed and breakfast

Problems of Work Letter

Dear Friends of Camelot and our Wonderful Neighbors in Tintagel,

Today we are writing to you about several things, the first being the important issue of the local economy and our local high street shops.

It is vital that the local Tintagel high street shops and businesses stay OPEN in the village.

At Camelot Castle we have a business policy of trying to use local Tintagel traders and to buy locally where possible. We strongly urge others to do the same where possible and where it is competitive. We are all learning this week what it might mean to our village to lose an important business. Once the heart of a village dies it can be very hard to breath life back into it.

This bring us to our next point.

We sincerely appreciate all the thanks that we have had from our local friends and even some of your distant families for the last DVD's that we sent out.

As you may or may not know, Irina, Ted and I and many of our staff have been Scientologists for over 20 years. What we have learned in Scientology has been most helpful to us and to our families and in the light of what is occurring with the economy we have decided to share all that we have learned with you our friends, immediately and with out delay.

This coming year marks a very important year for Scientology as it is the 100th year of the birth of the founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard and Scientology will be experiencing its greatest ever year of expansion.

We were extremely fortunate to have been among the first in Europe to have been fully briefed in the United States on the spectacular breakthroughs that L Ron Hubbard made and we are delighted to be able to share these with you now. and is the best place to start on the internet to learn about scientology.....

But you may be glad to know that...a few weeks ago THE ROYAL FLEET HOTEL was purchased in Plymouth by the Church of Scientology.

Over the coming months you will see this classic sixty five bedroom hotel transformed into what will be one of the finest churches of Scientology in the world, completely in line with what can now seen on the web sites referenced above. While there has been a Church of Scientology in Plymouth for many years this new church will be a spectacular new facility for the whole southwest and will deliver all the services that a Scientology organization can deliver.

But that news is not the purpose of this letter to you.

We wanted to share something NEW with you that indeed has the potential to help the local economy and local jobs.

So, today we are delighted to present to you a brand new film called "THE PROBLEMS OF WORK". The copies of this DVD you are receiving today are factually among the first in the country but they demonstrate the use of Scientology in the workplace and in the workaday world.

Any one with a job or a business or who is interested in the local economy around him doing well will find something of interest in this Film. It contains some very valuable and spectacular data about life.

We had not seen the film ourselves until last week, but on one viewing through we were able to see some very simple ways to improve our business. This why we wanted to share it with you.

We are so excited by THIS FILM'S potential to help the local economy that we are giving a copy of this film to every business owner in the local area and to every household in Tintagel.

The brochure with it represents the release of 20 BRAND NEW COURSES and delivers specific Scientology knowledge to specific areas of interest.

We have found these courses to be VERY helpful and in fact many of our friends and staff are reporting rave results.

These courses are already being delivered in Plymouth.

The courses are open to everyone what ever your faith or religion or race.

Some of you have perhaps never really looked into what Scientology actually is or may have just read what the Newspapers and media have to say.

Newspapers are not always a reliable source of knowledge, as most people know. And when you understand that Scientologists are against street drugs and excessive alcohol abuse and the harmful drugging of children using harmful psychiatric drugs and are active in exposing pharmaceutical companies who sell such drugs, (We are pro any helpful medicine) it is not hard to understand why some forward falsehoods about Scientology and indeed about well known Scientologists in the world. Most people with common sense see through this very quickly but it bears pointing out.

There is one question that we are constantly asked so we wanted to clarify this.


Scientology is a Religion and thus is afforded under European and International Law the Human Right of Freedom of Religion. Scientology does not conflict with any of the other major faiths.

So, you often find Christian and Moslems and Buddhists and Jews who are also Scientologists. Everyone is welcome and invited to benefit from Scientology knowledge.

Scientologists believe in God and this God is the very same God that all major religions recognize. In fact there are many Christian Clergymen all over the world who now use Scientology very effectively to help their parishes.

In fact Scientology has proven to be most effective in resolving disagreements between religions. Some people say that this may be its greatest value right now in the world.

We sincerely apologize for not getting this information to you our friends and neighbors sooner. It has been remiss of us.

And so today with the greatest pleasure we are offering a private partial scholarship or bursary program to anyone in Tintagel or locally and to any Friends of Camelot who would like to do one or more of these courses.

We want everyone whatever their current resources to have access to this priceless knowledge.

Sharing useful knowledge is and always has been our most successful action.

We were most fortunate in life to have walked into a church of Scientology nearly twenty years ago. Call it luck, call it coincidence, or call it destiny, but whatever you call it we are delighted to be able to share our spectacular opportunity with you today.

It is a true adventure.....

May God bless you and your families and our local community and our home of Tintagel,

All our Love

John, Irina and Ted

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