Our Purpose at Camelot Castle hotel
Our Purpose at Camelot
Our Purpose at Camelot Castle
Our Purpose at Camelot Castle

The Purpose of Camelot

Our purpose in creating Camelot Castle is to have a place where anyone who agrees that life can be enhanced by natural beauty and art can come and experience that enhancement immediately and first hand. Camelot Castle provides a unique space where people can come to share both in the extraordinary natural beauty of our environment and in the extraordinary strength created when people of goodwill share their ideas and vision.

In c.800 A.D. Harrona Rachid, the supreme ruler of Baghdad, governed and administrated the entire Arab world. At that time, Harrona Rachid, the conceptual architect of the first "Golden Age", passed a law. That law stated, that every Thursday, every Master of every intellectual or physical discipline, be it Mathematics, Architecture, Religion, Political, or Creative must attend court and Rachid stated that, by law, they should and must share their ideas. This one act caused a ripple of innovation and new ideas that spread across the Arabic world and Mesopotamian culture up through Spain and half of Europe. Indeed, ideas that occurred then are still visible today across the civilised world.

What was only known by a handful of people until today was the fact that Haronna Rachid also issued every law and every order to his empire using Formal Arabic Poetry. As early as 800 A.D. Harrona Rachid had isolated the power of the use of aesthetics and beauty in carrying a message across thousand of miles and great distances. For this reason, the poets and artists of Baghdad were some of the greatest that the world has ever known. The Arabian Nights were written in his honour and Harrona is immortalized in them. Harrona Rachid was probably one of the greatest champions of creativity that the world has ever seen.

There are two other well known non-religious occasions in recent history, when men have risen to this extraordinary level of responsibility and wisdom. The first was the formation of the Round Table at the Court of Arthur Pendragon on the advice of Merlin, which cracked the suppression of the dark ages across Europe. The other was the structure and codification of the American Constitution by the Founding Fathers.

The Founders of Camelot have been able to research deeper into the wisdoms of the east than ever before. They have been able to draw on the modern and workable wisdom embodied in the freedoms established and maintained by the United States. And, through unique access and friendships in the Middle East the Founders have isolated some previously unguessed at importances, heralded by Arabic culture, that will effect the entire future of mankind.

So when you visit us at Camelot and share your ideas here at our round table, realise that you are being and becoming part of a purpose line that is indeed both ancient and of the future. For these purposes are woven through the very fabric and the structure of our societies.

They are the weft and warp of creativity.

Truthfully, there has never been a time in the world when the sharing of ideas across the world is more important than right here right now.

The importance of our artists to our society has been grossly underestimated and it is time that we began to value the contribution that our own creativity can make.

Camelot is here today so that you can experience, tap into and be, your creativity.

Even the greatest barriers surrender to the creativity of man.

Our purpose is for you to create yourself and thus, to enhance all life.

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