B & B in Cornwall is not only ordinary b & b bed and breakfast but it is B & B from Camelot Castle. Camelot Castle is the right way how to spend your holiday in Cornwall. Cornwall Holiday b & b Accommodation is for every body. Excellent Accommodation with B & B in Cornwall just give you enough energy to extensive trips around Camelot Castle. Camelot b & b Castle is in Cornwall. Choose right B & B with luxury Accommodation. Because B & B with luxury Accommodation is nothing.
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Accommodation Cornwall
Accommodation Cornwall
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Irina's Restaurant at Camelot Castle, Cornwall.

Enjoy superb freshly-cooked food made using local produce in our newly opened Irina's restaurant whilst also enjoying the equally superb panoramic views over Tintagel Castle. Weather permitting, you can also eat & drink al-fresco on the Camelot Castle Hotel terrace.