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National Waymarker restored after 100 years

Before the trusty (or not so trusty) satellite navigation devices guided people on the roads to their accommodation, there was a different kind of navigation device. Waymarkers. Now a North Cornwall waymarker has been restored, over 100 years after it was built and positioned at the roadside to direct people travelling in the Cornish region.

The triangular granite post at Valley Truckle, near Camelford, is the location of this triangular granite post which has successfully directed the way to Bodmin and Wadebridge for over a century now.

However, time and the elements were beginning to take its toll on the waymarker covering it in lichen, and the stains from the rust covering the metal on top the stone had caused discolouration.

John Pearce, a local Camelford resident, said: "I had a close look and noticed faint engravings in the granite in small letters Wadebridge, Bodmin and Camelford on the side that faced the appropriate town.

"It turns out that this is an important and historically interesting way sign that marks one end of the newly designated Judges' Road.

"In 1716 Cornwall's Assize Court in Launceston was moved to Bodmin, but the road between Camelford to Bodmin at that time was a rough post road used by the postmen on horseback, so the road had to be improved to take the judges' carriages for this important legal event.

"Milestones were placed along this route from Bodmin to Camelford and these have recently been restored or replaced with the guidance of Ian Thomson from the Cornwall branch of the Milestone Society who has named this the Judges' Road."

John Blight, the owner of The Camelford Gallery, was paid by Camelford Town Council to hand-paint the fingerboards. The completed stone was finished in a traditional styling.

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