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As early as 800 A.D. Harrona Rachid had isolated the power of the use of aesthetics and beauty in carrying a message across thousand of miles and great distances.

For this reason, the poets and artists of Baghdad were some of the greatest that the world has ever known. The Arabian Nights were written in his honour and Harrona is immortalized in them. Harrona Rachid was probably one of the greatest champions of creativity that the world has ever seen.

Truthfully, there has never been a time in the world when the sharing of ideas across the world is more important than right here right now.

The importance of ourartists to our society has been grossly underestimated and it is time that we began to value the contribution that our own creativity can make.

Camelot is here today so that you can experience, tap into and be your creativity.

Even the greatest barriers, surrender to the creativity of man.

View the work of "One of Britain's Greatest Living Artists"

If the pen is mightier than the sword, and a picture paints a thousand words: What would happen if a painter uses his brush to communicate images of hope and inspiration? That was the question that one rising British artist asked himself while taking in the extraordinary beauty of a sea landscape one afternoon a few years ago.

The Stourton collection at Camelot is one of the largest, most beautiful, varied and numerous collections of anartists work anywhere in the world.

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"Inner Truth" is an album and work in progress that has the purpose to reach the hearts and minds of man at a fundamental level.

The mythological lines of humanity have been used down the centuries to deliver hope and truth. "Inner truth" as an Album draws deeply on those waters but at the same time skips gently across them with a lightness that is needed in today's world.

In compiling this album and its tracks we have been helped and inspired by some of the greatest artists and philosophers of the ages. We thank all of them and acknowledge all of them for their help. In particular we acknowledge the extraordinary painting and sculpture of Ted Stourton without whose inspiration this album would never have happened.

The title track Inner Truth was specifically written to be listened to while walking round or looking at Stourton's "Ripples of Peace" sculpture.



Now here’s a thing,

A Magic String,

With four enchanted Wishes,

Know their Names.

Play this game,

And don’t be too suspicious.

The first Wish is ‘For what You are,Put your mind, Forward into Time.

‘Wish One’ reverses all decline.


Wish two is called ‘It’s that on which we all agree.

It’s for the actions you must do.

It causes others to change too.

Believe me not?When You see Magic through Your eyes.

It seems a lot, but that’s not all.

Master ‘One’ you will have a ball.

MasterWhat more could a playful being need?

Fun for one is a zero sum.

What fun is fun not shared?

Love or Laughter undeclared leaves a being snared.

Because of this ‘Wish Three’ is Gold.

Value it a Thousand Fold.

It brings forth Light where darkness fell,

And hope to where the hopeless dwell.

‘WishIt’s name?So there you have your ‘Magic Three’

Enchant the world, Enchanted Be.

Use them when you think of you.

Or when ever else you want to.

Did I say three, but there were four,

Why? Is the final wish no more?

What magic now?When even Wishes disappear.

‘Wish Four’ has the name that has never been said.

At Its promise alone all devils fled.

It has never been spoken.

It has never been read.

It has never been thought

And it’s not in my head.

It was thought to have been known by the ‘Spirit of Play’,

But He was joking that day.

What is it called this wish, ‘Wish Four’.

Hewn from the Magical Spells of Yore.

It’s what helps you create.

And takes planets and cultures to a higher state.


What is this Wish?Wish Four is:

“The Wish that You will Name.”


John Mappin


A very warm welcome to our home at Camelot Castle.

John, Irina and Ted.

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