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Guess what John Mappin was thinking about when he wrote The Magic poem and win a prize.

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Now here’s a thing,

A Magic String,

With four enchanted Wishes,

Know their Names.

Play this game,

And don’t be too suspicious.

The first Wish is ‘Affinity',

For what You are, for what Will be.

Put your mind, Forward into Time.

‘Wish One’ reverses all decline.


Wish two is called ‘Reality".

It’s that on which we all agree.

It’s for the actions you must do.

It causes others to change too.

Believe me not? Enjoy surprise...

When You see Magic through Your eyes.

It seems a lot, but that’s not all.

Master ‘One’ you will have a ball.

Master 'Two' you master Speed.

What more could a playful being need?

Fun for one is a zero sum.

What fun is fun not shared?

Love or Laughter undeclared leaves a being snared.

Because of this ‘Wish Three’ is Gold.

Value it a Thousand Fold.

It brings forth Light where darkness fell,

And hope to where the hopeless dwell.

‘Wish Three' moves hearts. It can move a Nation.

It’s name? What else? Communication.

So there you have your ‘Magic Three’

Enchant the world, Enchanted Be.

Use them when you think of you.

Or when ever else you want to.

Did I say three, but there were four,

Why? Is the final wish no more?

What magic now?When even Wishes disappear.

‘Wish Four’ has the name that has never been said.

At Its promise alone all devils fled.

It has never been spoken.

It has never been read.

It has never been thought

And it’s not in my head.

It was thought to have been known by the ‘Spirit of Play’,

But He was joking that day.

What is it called this wish, ‘Wish Four’.

Hewn from the Magical Spells of Yore.

It’s what helps you create.

And takes planets and cultures to a higher state.


What is this Wish?Wish Four is:

“The Wish that You will Name.”


John Mappin


A very warm welcome to our home at Camelot Castle.

John, Irina and Ted.

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