Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle

Please submit your details to us by email or by post.

Camelot Communications Office
Camelot Castle Hotel
Cornwall PL34 ODQ

(Local applicants can give us a call on 01840-770202)

We are currently recruiting in areas off:

- Front of House

- Chefs and Kitchen Assistants

- Waiting Staff

- Housekeeping

- Construction/Restoration Proffesionals

"Many apply and few are chosen. But, we are grooving in and helping to create the best hotel staff members and executives in the world. A Camelot Castle staff member will always take with them, wherever they go in the world, an unmistakable pride of purpose and professionalism that is fast becoming commented on and legendary across the hotel industry.

A qualified Camelot Castle trained hotel executive has a level of trustworthiness and ability well in excess of the hospitality industry average and we are delighted to invite you to apply to become part of our dedicated team of professionals.

This is without question the most valuable education in business and management that a person can obtain on earth at this time.

We look forward to seeing you graduate and seeing the results that you create with the knowledge that you obtain during your time with us."

Irina Mappin
Executive Director

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